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We supply a wide range of Auto lock and key options, including Laser Keys, Tibbe Keys, Cylinder keys, On-site Car Key Replacement, Key Programming & Key Cloning.

Replacing a car key needn’t be stressful. We are your one stop shop for replacement car keys – we can order, cut and programme the majority of car keys – and if we can’t help, we’ll tell you straight away. Our mobile car key replacement service means we will come to wherever your vehicle is to replace keys, saving you the hassle and cost of having to get your vehicle recovered if all the car keys have been lost. Even if you have just snapped the blade of the key, we will be able to cut you a new blade without having to replace the whole remote – helping you to keep costs down. Whatever the problem, contact us and we can help.

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    Transponder is the name given to the 'chip' that is located within the ignition key. It holds unique identification information about the vehicle and communicates via the transceiver. Transceiver is the name given to the aerial ring around the ignition barrel, it works by sending a voltage signal to the key and reads the returned signal voltage from the key and then in turn deactivates the immobiliser. If a non-programmed has been inserted into the ignition you will get a flashing warning light.

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    Remote's work by relaying radio frequencies between it and your vehicle. Most remote's work separately from the transponder but in some cases the transponder is built in with the remote. For example you can have a remote programmed to the vehicle and it will work the central locking but with out a working transponder it will not start the vehicle. Programming is done by diagnostics or manually and this will depend on your vehicle.

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    All key blades have a key number from which they are cut to and this number will be unique to your vehicle unless its had a lock change. The key number identifies how many cuts the key has and what depths they are. The profile of the key is referring to its shape, some vehicle keys look similar but there profile will be different. We provide the service for all vehicle key cutting.

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